Leon Keer 3D painting Oxycontin gummybears

3D streetpainting Oxycontin

3D streetpainting Sarasota FL Anamorphic street art on view in Sarasota Florida @chalk_festival. The overprescription of pain management drugs and false assump... Read More...
3D streetpainting Madrid by Leon Keer and Massina

3D streetpainting Madrid

'Que nadie se quede atrás, leave no one behind' New anamorphic artwork (3D streetpainting) World Water Day 2019 @fundacioncanal Madrid 🇪🇸. Than... Read More...

3D streetpainting Trondheim

The 3d street painting was inspired by the well known colored facades of the Norwegian city of Trondheim. Distorted and placed in a mathematical shape. By con... Read More...