Anamorphic Room

My new anamorphic art at Magic City Stockholm. After Dresden and Munich, MAGIC CITY – THE ART OF THE STREET presents today’s most vital and imaginative art for... Read More...
3D streetpainting - 3D streetpainting XL - Anamorphic painting - 3d Street Art - Dubai - Leon Keer - straattekening - straatkunst

Dubai Canvas 4d streetart

Icasahedron sphere Anamorphic Art installation combined with Augmented Reality. An art project by Leon Keer and Joost Spek. On show at ‪dubaicanvas‬ festival f... Read More...
Optical Illusion Liechtenstein by Leon Keer

Life Festival Schaan

Optical illusion painting at Life Festival in Schaan Liechtenstein. The 3d installation has been created by using tromp l'oeil technique on two walls of 4 x 4 m... Read More...