Anamorphic Art Long Beach Museum

Anamorphic installation at Long Beach Museum of art
‘Buy, Consume and Die’, anamorphic installation at ‘VITALITY AND VERVE III’ show, curated by @thinkspace_art with support from @powwowlongbeach @powwowworldwide •
On View June 30, 2018 thru September 9, 2018 at:
@lbmaorg (www.lbma.org), 2300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA. 90803. Special thanks all the lovely people from the museum for support and help. It was a pleasure to work amongst so many great artists.
Show line-up:
@b0rdalo_ii, @case_maclaim, @evoca1, @_sergiogarcia_ (w/ @riskrock & @saberawr), @herakut, @hushartist, @jaune_art, @leonkeer, @kozdos, @spenserlittleart, @fintan_magee, @wolfbat, @drewmerritt, @reederone, @riskrock, @instaseen, @amysol, @mr.super_a, @juantraviesoart, @danwitzstreetart, @lolo.ys