Pow Wow Long Beach Mural by Leon Keer

3D mural Pow Wow Long Beach

Go where you like… If you can

3D mural painting as part of the 2018 edition of street art festival Pow Wow Long Beach (www.powwowlongbeach.com) with support of Thinkspace Gallery. Created on the side of the Rowan Bradley Building Downtown Long Beach California.

Long Beach Pike was an amusement park from early 1900.
After some decades of fun and entertainment, the Pike was officially closed and demolished in 1979. Lots of history disappeared. I wanted to revive some of that history by painting a 3D mural of a garage with an old bumper car from the early days. Dodg’em was the famous bumper car ride in the Pike.
I was overwhelmed by all the memories from many spectators.