3D mural by Leon Keer Tel Aviv Israel

Anamorphic mural ‘Imperfect beauty’ by Leon Keer

Anamorphic mural ‘Imperfect Beauty’ in Tel Aviv-Jaffa Israel.
Mural with Augmented Reality painted in the ancient town of Jaffa at the invitation of the Dutch Embassy in Israel, curated and organized by Meijler Art. Three different kind of pottery mended together by the Kintsugi method (the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery). The restored teapot can be seen as a metaphor for the solidarity of various cultures. Learn from history as a valuable asset for future decisions. 
Size: 478 x 504 cm.

Augmented Reality
Extra with this mural is that the painting will come to life with Augmented Reality. If you scan the wall with the ‘leonkeer’ app (after free download the app). The Leon Keer app connects Augmented Reality with the anamorphic art. By scanning the painting with your smartphone or tablet, you can see how the painting will come to life. Augmented reality created by Joost Spek.

If you are not on location you can also download an ( image ) and use that as the marker to start the 3d animation.


Augmented Reality: painting will come to life