3D mural by Leon Keer Staples Center Budweiser LA

3D mural Staples Center LA combined with augmented reality

What a great experience and such a unique location for my latest 3D mural (anamorphic painting) for Budweiser Staples Center AEG, combined with Augmented Reality. Thanks Branded Arts for all support and making this all happen. Located at the S. Figueroa St. entrance!

The painting come to life with augmented reality created by Joost Spek.
The Leon Keer app connects Augmented Reality with the anamorphic art. By scanning the painting with your smartphone or tablet, you can see how the painting will come to life.
If you are not on location you can also download an ( image ) and use that as the marker to start the 3d animation.

3D Mural Staples Center by Leon Keer with AR