3D mural ‘André the Giant’ by Leon Keer WWE Stamford

3D Mural ‘Andre the Giant’ painting by Leon Keer WWE Stamford

When I was young, living in The Netherlands, the US seemed very far away. The heroes of the entertainment wrestling of yesteryear are still vivid in my memory. André the Giant, Hulk Hogan, As a little boy I watched these giants on TV with complete amazement. Only imagining to ever see something like that in real life.

I felt honored to get the invite to paint one of these heroes at the entrance of the new @wwe headquarters.

This indoor mural measures 17 meters high. I used the anamorphosis painting technique, which makes André appear to emerge from the wall as 3D when you stand at the right point in the entrance hall. Big thanks go to my assistant Massina @marijespelbos and the production team at World Wrestling Entertainment WWE for making this possible.

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