Leon Keer mural Shattering Helsingborg

3D Mural ‘Shattering’ Helsingborg

‘Shattering’ 3D mural in Helsingborg Sweden by Leon Keer for ArtStreet Hbg. As fragile as the cups is our earth. The mural depicts the story of climate change. The cups are recognizable as tea cups from Rörstrand, the famous ceramics from Sweden. Size is 15 x 7,5 meter. Thanks Massina for assist and Peter Eriksson for hosting.

Augmented Reality
Extra with this mural is that the painting will come to life with Augmented Reality. If you scan the wall with the ‘leonkeer’ app (after free download the app) you will see the teacups will burst into pieces. You can check this also by scanning the photo on https://www.leonkeer.com/ar/ 


Augmented Reality: painting will come to life