First 3d street painting which was made to see from 3 points of view. From 3 different angles you can see a different 3d illusion within the same picture. The 3d painting was made during the first 3d street art event in The Netherlands. To start the new cultural season of Lelystad in total 9 anamorphic streetpaintings were made in and around Lelystad on the pavement by several International madonnari. With Tony Cuboliquido, Melanie Stimmell Van Latum, Juandrés Vera, Gregor Wosik, Marion Ruthardt, Remko van Schaik, Ruben Poncia and Leon Keer.

Primeira pintura de rua em 3D que foi feita para ser observada a partir de três pontos de vista. A partir de 3 ângulos diferentes pode ver uma ilusão em 3D diferente dentro da mesma imagem.

Primera pintura callejera 3D hecha para ser observada desde 3 puntos de vista. Desde 3 ángulos diferentes se puede ver una ilusión 3D diferente dentro de la misma imagen.

这款第一副 3D 街画可以从三个角度来观看。你可以从三个不同的角度看到同一个画面具有三种不同的 3D 效果。