Escher's Journey Leeuwarden streetpainting escher-leonkeer-leeuwarden-pose

Escher’s Journey Leeuwarden

Anamorphic work in Leeuwarden (cultural capital of Europe 2018). On several locations are being made 5 different anamorphic floor paintings in the context of planetescher; Station Leeuwarden, on the route to Fries Museum, on Wilhelminasquare Fries Museum and in front of the Fries Museum.
Design Leon Keer, artists Leon Keer and Massina.

First anamorphic painting done at Leeuwarden Central Station Leeuwarden.

Leon Keer Escher Leeuwarden

2nd anamorphic painting with 2 viewpoints. Location: in front of info office Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018.

Leon Keer escher Leeuwarden

3rd anamorphic painting with 2 viewpoints. Location: Prins Hendrik brug Leeuwarden.

3D Leon Keer inspiration Escher

4th anamorphic painting. Location: Wilhelminaplein Leeuwarden.

Leon Keer 3D sign Escher museum

5th anamorphic painting. Location: Fries Museum Wilhelminaplein Leeuwarden.

Fries Museum straatkunst straattekening door Leon Keer