3D Street Art Bangkok
Mar 2013 06

Victim of circumstance

3d street art by Leon Keer at Living Arts Festival Bangkok. The painting is called ‘Victim of circumstance’. The image shows a baby-child in control by a game-controller as a metaphor for child abuse.
Invite and organization of the festival by Wetalkchalk.

Chalkfestival Sarasota
Nov 2012 04

3D street art at International Chalkfestival Sarasota Florida. Created by Leon Keer. The image shows a grabbing machine with a box of teddybears and dolls waiting to be grabbed. The image is a metaphor for the forgotten playfulness in life, never forget to explore your creativity by keeping your inner child close.

3D street painting Legoworld
Oct 2012 17

3d street painting Lego Lord of the Rings at Legoworld Zwolle, The Netherlands. This 3d street art is painted directly on the convention floor. Created together with Roland Josuttis. Powered by Moniker Projects

3D SingaporeGP 2012
Oct 2012 03

3D street art during the F1 nightrace event Singapore 2012.
SingaporeGP commissioned me to work on two 3d streetpaintings prior to and during the event, together with Peter Westerink and Marije Spelbos.

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