May 2014 18


3d street art in Legoland Gunzburg Germany. Commissioned by Hyundai I created this anamorphic painting with Lego superman and lego race driver , aprox. 45 m2.

Apr 2014 20

Anamorphic painting called ‘expropiación’. This 3d street painting was made with chalk during the easter festivities in San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas Mexico.


3D street art Space Invaders
Mar 2014 25

3D street art Space Invaders at EPLF campus Lausanne Switzerland. The anamorphic painting measures 150 m2 and has been created for the ‘Art on Science’ Project from March 17 to April 10.
Design by Leon Keer.
Creation by Leon keer and Remko van Schaik

3d street art in Dunedin New Zealand
Dec 2013 21

3d street art in Dunedin New Zealand. During my stay in NZ I created two anamorphic paintings. One in Auckland and one in Dunedin. To support gigatown project sponsored by Chorus.

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