3D Legoland Superheroes
Jul 2012 29

3d street painting at Legoland Windsor UK. It was superheroes weekend. Anamorphic painting with Lego Batman, Superman an The Green Lantern as the main characters in our painting.
Created by Leon Keer and Roland Josuttis.


3D Lego Lord of the rings
Jul 2012 15

3D street painting of Lego Lord of The Rings. Warner invited us to come over to the Comic convention in San Diego US to paint this Lego game related artwork. Together with Peter Westerink, Roland Josuttis and Julio César Jiménez.

3D cilinder Escher Museum
Jul 2012 06

Anamorphic painting for Escher Museum The Hague Netherlands.
I used an optical cilinder mirror to create this anamorphic painting. You can see the distorted painting on the floor getting his right shape by looking to the cilinder mirror.

3D streetpainting Pac-Man
Jun 2012 17

3D street painting made in Venlo, The Netherlands. Inspired by Arcade’s video game Pac-Man from the 80-ties.

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