Aug 2017 08


3D street art in Namur Belgium by Leon Keer

Gummy Bears in a 100 euro bill paper boat floating down the stream. The anamorphic painting was made at Square Leopold in 4 days and measures around 70 square meters.

Jul 2017 19


The 3d street painting was inspired by the well known colored facades of the Norwegian city of Trondheim.
Distorted and placed in a mathematical shape. By connecting the corners of the painted facades a perfect icasahedron sphere will appear.
The background is covered with copper plates as this was the main product which was stored inside the colored warehouses.
The anamorphic painting as made in the City Syd shopping district.
Artists: Leon Keer and Massina
Movie by Algomas

Jul 2017 12


‘Tipping Point’. An anamorphic artwork made in Arnhem during the 4th edition of World Street Painting festival. Artist: Leon Keer.

Jul 2017 07


XL anamorphic painting in Brande Denmark 🇩🇰 3D streetpainting of aprox. 260 square meters, design by Leon Keer. Artists: Leon Keer, Massina, Gregor Wosik and Jenny McCracken.
Tells the story about the perseverance of the danish people.

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