Jul 2015 27


3d street art by Leon Keer at Malta Streetart Festival. Gummy bears gather around their just deceased green friend. Anamorphic painting on the Valetta waterfront. To see the 3d street painting from the right viewing point you should look at it from the upper street level aprox. 10 meter higher.

Jul 2015 06


Optical illusion painting at Life Festival in Schaan Liechtenstein. The 3d installation has been created by using tromp l’oeil technique on two walls of 4 x 4 meter each and an anamorphic painting technique on the floor of 4 x 4 meter.

Leon Keer 3D Streetpainting – Life Festival in Schaan 2015 from WOON on Vimeo.

Jun 2015 11


Especially for the 10 year anniversary of Dutch Design Hotel Artemis Leon Keer designed a 3d mural called ‘Childhood. The goddess Artemis depicted as 10 year old girl in the chamber of her youth. A sensitive image to indicate that the goddess inside you is also a vulnerable child longing for affection.

As a spectator of the mural you can interact with the artwork, on the stool or under the chair. Strike a pose and you will be part of the painted illusion.

May 2015 13


3d painting wall and floor representing casting at an old iron foundry. The former ironworks building in Hengelo The Netherlands is now ROC Twente. The anamorphic painting is on the floor and a tromp l’oeil technique has been used on the wall. In the front you can see an old diesel engine which were produced in former days on this location.

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