oct 2017 09


3D mural Hospital Dollhouse in Sande Germany. On the old bunker wall of NordWest Krankenhaus Sanderbusch Leon Keer and Massina created a 350 square meter trompe l’oeil painting. Model on the painting is Teun.

sep 2017 18


‘Redline’ 3D mural in Antwerp

Two of the most important resources for Belgium for comfortable living. But everything has its price. Part of Antwerp, Tizarte festival. Artist Leon Keer and Massina.

ago 2017 25


‘Mountain Laundrette’

Final result of my 3D mural at Vision Art Festival Crans Montana. ‘Mountain Laundrette’. Was a big effort to walk up this ski-post, but I was awarded by the best view ever. Great event and dedicaded Visionart crew. Thanks for all.

ago 2017 20


‘Mountain Stream’

Anamorphic street art piece at Vision Art Festival in Crans Montana Switzerland. The Alps are the water towers of Europe.
Thanks Massina for your great assist.

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