Jul 2016 30

Tech Insider:
3D Street art that will mess with your mind

Jul 2016 15

Leon Keer at New York Magazine:
This mesmerizing 3D street art is secretly a flat painting in 2 dimensions.

Wisma Atria Singapore
Nov 2013 23

3d street art for Christmas light-up Orchard Road Singapore. This anamorphic painting is created on a wooden platform in front of Wisma Atria Shopping Centre. The 3d street painting of aprox. 65 m2 has been created in 5 days by the Dutch artists Leon Keer (design) and Ruben Poncia. If you scan the painting in the centre with the Augmented Reality application of Junaio, snowfall will appear on you the screen of your smartphone or tablet. (snowfall 3d animation created by Joost Spek / 3d picnic)

Jul 2013 29

Anamorphic Painting combined with Augmented Reality.
The 3d painting was created in the Hayat Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the first 3d street art created in this country. 3D painting by Leon Keer, 3D AR animation by Joost Spek.

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