Dec 2016 12


Combination of anamorphic technique on the floor and trompe l’oeil technique on the wall. Painting was made indoors at the office. It looks like the girl is still creating the mural, she still has to fill in the blank parts on the grid with some colors. The girl is wearing a dress with the colors of pride of the Seattle Seahawks.

Nov 2016 29


Anamorphic street art ‘For the love of painting’ at International Chalk Festival Venice Florida. 3D street art painting Created by Leon Keer.

Oct 2016 18


3D street art ONO’U Tahiti by Leon Keer
Anamorphic art at Ono’u street art festival Tahiti. The 3d streetpainting was made at the lookout of the Gare Maritime Ferry Terminal in Papeete Tahiti. Robots on holiday are entering town from their cruise ship to explore the beautiful island.

Oct 2016 02


Magic City – 7 sins
Anamorphic painting on 3 walls and 1 floor for street art exhibition Magic City in Dresden. The dolls represent 6 of the 7 sins, in succession Lust, Greed, Envy, Pride, Wrath and Sloth. The anamorphic ticket office is inspired by the Coney Island Fair. You can strike a pose on the table next to the dolls, inside the grabbing machine or in front of that, in front of ticket office and in front of arcade pac-man machine.
Magic City is located in the Zeitenströmung Building in Dresden Germany. Expo from October 1st 2016 until January 8th 2017.

The making off

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