Jun 2017 27


Mural painting ‘wish you were here’ at Sm’arte – Festival Street Art Bragança Portugal.
Artists: Leon Keer and Massina
Video: Algomas Art Projects

Jun 2017 22


‘Vindkraft’. Mural painting in Brande Denmark.

The painting shows a circle of energy. Brande is known for its knowledge in wind energy throughout the world. It was the vision of entrepreneur Peter Stubkjaer which let to this global influence.
In the painting you can imagine the energy needed for wind production comes actually from the wind powered energy
Artists: Leon Keer and Massina

May 2016 31


3D painting ‘Snow White Storage Room’
3d street painting ‘Snow White Storage Room’. The anamorphic painting was made during the 3d streetpainting festival In Bulgaria. Organized by Midalidare Wine Estate in Mogilovo. Little Snow White is capatured inside a storage room and is a metaphor for the loss of your inner child. Interaction is their to restore this lost value of life.

Mar 2016 29


Cuckoo clock
3D painting ‘Running on gold’ at Dubai Canvas festival. On the wall a tromp l’oeil technique and for the floor an anamorphic technique were used to get the right 3d effect from a certain viewpoint.
Location: JBR walk Dubai

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