Cons Space 002 Berlin 3D streetart
Oct 2013 07

Cons Space 002 BLN, 3d street art
Anamorphic art at Cons Space 002 Berlin. This 3D painting is made on the third floor of on abandoned textile factory in Alt Starlau Berlin.

Geological Conflict: 3d street art Canada
Sep 2013 16

Geological Conflict:
3d street art at the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival Canada.
20 ft by 20 ft. Anamorphic painting made on canvas in The Bay Centre. The 3d painting represents the struggle and sacrifice which the ‘First Nations’ have and had to make to be able to move forward and live in harmony with everybody who is present nowadays in their habitat.

Lego Hamburg 3D
Sep 2013 02

3D Streetart Lego Hamburg
Anamorphic painting made on vinyl. At Überseequartier in Hamburg Germany

Jul 2013 29

Anamorphic Painting combined with Augmented Reality.
The 3d painting was created in the Hayat Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is the first 3d street art created in this country. 3D painting by Leon Keer, 3D AR animation by Joost Spek.

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